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Non-Ferrous Material
Aluminum Radiators Weight
Aluminum Breakage Weight
Aluminum Rims Weight
Aluminum Turnings Weight
ACSR (Aluminum Coated Wire) Weight
Bumpers Weight
Cans Weight
Cast Aluminum Weight
Copper/Aluminum Radiators Weight
Extrusion Weight
Sheet Aluminum Weight
Siding Weight
Transmissions (Automatic) Weight
Transmissions (Manual) Weight
Batteries (Lead/Acid) Weight
Red Brass Weight
Yellow Brass Weight
Shells Weight
#1 Copper Weight
#2 Copper Weight
#1 Insulated Copper Wire Weight
#2 Insulated Copper Wire Weight
Electric Motors Weight
Auto Radiators Weight
Heater Cores Weight
Soft Lead Weight
Wheel Weights Weight
Stainless Steel
Non Magnetic Stainless Steel Weight
Ferrous Material
Cast Iron
#1 Cast Iron Weight
#2 Cast Iron Weight
Heavy Breakable Cast Iron Weight
#1 bundles Weight
#2 bundles Weight
#1 Bushling Weight
#1 Prepared Steel (5 foot) Weight
#2 Prepared Steel (3 foot) Weight
Carbodies Weight
Dirty Motor Blocks Weight
Machine Shop Turnings Weight
Steel Plate Skeletons Weight
Tin Weight
Torchable Unprepared Steel Weight
Unprepared Steel Weight
Electronic Scrap
AC Adapters Weight
CD & DVD Rom Drives Weight
Cell Phones Weight
Complete Computers Weight
Desktop Computers Weight
Floppy Drives Weight
Hard Drives Weight
Keyboards Weight
Laptop Computers Weight
Main Frames Weight
Motherboards Weight
Mouses Weight
Network Routers Weight
Printers/Fax Machines Weight
Power Supplies w/ Cords Weight
Power Supplies w/o Cords Weight