Materials We Don't Purchase

Acetylene cylinders

Aerosol spray cans

Alkaline Batteries (Household batteries)

Asbestos containing material (i.e. insulated pipe and transite concrete fiber board)

Ballasts containing PCB's


Cathode ray tubes (older televisions and computer monitors)


Closed compressed gas cylinders

Closed containers of any kind

CRT Computer Monitors (Cathode Ray Tube monitors are not accepted)

Containers with free-flowing liquids inside or outside (tar, oil, gasoline)

Items containing Mercury


Flammable or combustible material

Fluorescent light bulbs

Fluorescent light ballasts

Material containing refrigerants

Material containing mercury

Mobile Homes

Motor Homes

Munitions, bullets

Oil filters

Oils, other petroleum products and petroleum by-products

Paint cans with paint

Propane cylinders (exception if valve removed)

Radioactive material

Railroad scrap without proper documentation

Sealed containers (oxygen tanks and other high pressure vessels)



Travel Trailers

TV’s (tube type)

X-Ray machines

Any other hazardous materials, hazardous wastes, or universal waste