Electronic Scrap

Materials We Purchase

For current prices or if you have a question about a certain items please call the office at 563-582-2388 or toll free at 1-800-246-2388.

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Electronic Item's We Purchase for Scrap Recycling

AC Power Adaptors

Cable TV Boxes

CD & DVD Rom Floppy Drives

Cell Phones

Complete Computers (Towers & Laptops)


Desk top computers

DVD Players

Floppy Drives

Hard Drives

Incomplete Computers

Key Boards

Laptop Computers

Main Frames


Network Router

Playstations and other gaming equipment

Power Supplies (With or without cords)

Printers/Fax Machines

Satellite TV Boxes

Stereo Equipment

VCR/DVD Players

Electronic Scrap We Currently DO NOT Accept

  • CRT Computer Monitors (these are the old tube type monitors)
  • Flat Panel Computer Monitors
  • Televisions (includes tube, flat screen and rear projection type TV's)

The Dubuque Landfill accepts all of these items, usually for a minimal $5.00 charge.