Metals We Purchase

For current prices or if you have a question about a certain items please call the office at 563-582-2388 or toll free at 1-800-246-2388.

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Non-ferrous Metals We Purchase:

All grades of Aluminum:

Aluminum Cans (Must be clean and dry. No plastic or glass bottles)

Aluminum/Copper Radiators

Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum Radiators

Aluminum Automobile and Truck Rims (Stems and weights should be removed)

Cast Aluminum

Painted Aluminum Siding

Sheet Aluminum

Aluminum Wire

Copper & Brass Bearing Scrap:

Automotive Alternators

Automotive Starters

Brass Plumbing Fixtures, Faucets & Fittings

#1 Copper

# 2 Copper

#1 Insulated Copper Wiring (12 ga and larger solid wiring, all attachments must be removed. Such as plugs and wire nuts)

#2 Insulated Copper Wiring (Large attachments must be removed. Such as steel plugs, junction boxes, AC adapter plugs)

Christmas Lights

Copper Brass Automotive Radiators (Clean or Dirty)

Electric Motors (Must have copper winding's)

Heater Cores

Sealed Units (Air conditioning and refrigerator compressors, oil must be drained by drilling hole in bottom)

Other Non Ferrous Items:

Catalytic Convertors with proper paperwork or injunction of selling a vehicle that the converter was originally attached

*Batteries (lead acid type, not cracked or leaking)


Non Magnetic Stainless Steel

Automobile Transmissions